This weekend was a blast! On Friday, I spent all day at the lake for a youth event with my church. We swam, jet skied, kayaked, paddle boarded, boated, tubed, ate really good food, and closed the night out with a bonfire and s'mores. I woke up Saturday morning with a sore back, neck, arms, and legs! I like to think it was the result of a great day! Saturday, I spent the morning watching 24 with my mom while drinking a cup of coffee. Later that night, I watched Harry Potter with Gary and my sister Maggie, snuggled with my pup, and caught up on some reading (I'm in the midst of reading the Harry Potter series). Yesterday, we went to church, then to lunch with some friends. Gary and I went for a bike ride and then we spent the rest of the night at my house eating pita, hummus, fruit, salami, and mozzarella (yum!), and watching Tangled with Maggie (Mag and I cry every. single. time.--this time was no different).
This past weekend has reminded me of what summer is all about--spending time with family and friends, enjoying the hot weather, and staying up late!

This upcoming week, I am meeting with an advisor at college, rearranging my room, working on a DIY to share with you all, and hopefully launching my first online shop! I'll keep you updated with the details.

Have you read the Harry Potter books?
Have you seen Tangled?
What does summer remind you of?

Happy Monday!


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