DIY Tank Top/Cap Sleeve Shirt

Hi, everyone! Today, I have a DIY for you all--a tank top made from an old t-shirt!
Every summer, I go out and buy at least a few tanks for the hot weather. This summer is no different, but I decided to make my own. Gary gave me one of his old shirts that didn't fit him anymore and I went to work!

What you'll need:
-Fabric scissors
-Pen or washable marker
-Sewing machine (if your shirt is too big and you need to take it in on the sides)
[In the pictures, the shirt looks like an odd color because it was cloudy and I couldn't seem to find good light, but I promise the shirt is white!]

Step one: Cut off the sleeves *Depending on if your shirt is your size to begin with will change the way the sleeves look. Because mine is a bit oversized, its more of a cap-sleeved shirt than a tank. However, if your shirt fits you, cutting the sleeves off will give more of a tank top look.

Step two: Cut the neckline  

Step three: Put the shirt on and use your pen or washable marker to measure on the back of the shirt where you want the bottom of the shirt to hit you (waist, high-waist, etc.)
Step four: Put the shirt down with the back face up-cut up the side of the shirt (where the seam is) and across the backside of the shirt where you measured in step three--this picture shows the shirt front down with the back cut (the back is shorter in length)

Step five: Flip the shirt over, fold it in half, and mark the middle with the ruler

Step six: Cut the middle of the shirt (your shirt should be two different lengths since you cut the back already--you are cutting the front of the shirt now) This cut doesn't have to be perfect (obviously)!

Step seven: Use your ruler as a straight edge and cut two triangles from the flaps 

front view:

Step eight: Twist the two flaps and knot/tie

Step nine: If your shirt doesn't need alterations, you can wear your new tank top! 
If your shirt is too big and doesn't fit you, measure the sides and mark how much you need to take in on the sides.
Step ten: Cut the shirt on the sides (left and right sides of the shirt) vertically from the arm holes down to the bottom of the shirt
Step eleven: Turn your shirt inside out and pin where you marked the shirt to be taken in

Step twelve: Sew along the pins--make sure you use the zig zag mode on your sewing machine

Step thirteen: Wear!

What I'm wearing: Shoes: Yosi Samra flats, Shorts: American Eagle, Cross & crown rings: Fifth and Mae, Necklace: Lia Sophia (old)

What did you think of this DIY tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me :)



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