On Saturdays, I'm going to share my favorites from the past week. Whether my favorites are thoughts, recipes, Bible verses, songs, movies, people, looks, food, etc. Whatever they may be, I am going to share them on Saturdays! You can see my last post here

Purchase: A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a new lotion. I stopped by Target and found Vaseline's cocoa radiant lotion. Oh my word. This lotion smells SO good. It's also really hydrating and keeps your skin soft. I bought the 3 fl. oz for around $2 (what a steal!).

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Quote: This quote made me realize what a negative person I can be sometimes. This week, I've been trying my best to focus on how I can choose how I react and feel towards life. 
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Hobby: Gary and I hammocked last night. I can't get over how relaxing it is!

Food: Gary and I went to a new Asian restaurant last night and I ordered the chicken fried rice (surprise surprise :) and it was so good! Better than P.F. Chang's good.

What did you love this week?
Happy weekend!

I'm linking up with Katie from Katie Did What :)


  1. That picture is so gorgeous. I definitely wouldn't mind going there sometime :) I also looove that quote. It's just perfect. I am choosing happiness!! You guys are too cute in the hammock too :)

    Thanks for linking up girl!


    1. Thank you, Katie! I'm loving this whole linking up thing. I find it very fascinating to see what others are interested in :)

  2. I love that quote. Such a good thing to remember (and yet so easy to forget!)

    1. You are so right, Haylee! It's funny because we are given so much, but sometimes we only look at what we don't have, or the negative side of things when we have every reason to be happy!




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