Gary and I have started a YouTube channel for our vlogs! Check out our channel here!

I made this page to introduce G because he comes up a lot here on my little blog. Gary and I have been dating since April 2010 (more on our story later).
A little bit about him:
  • He desires to serve God with every fiber of his being, which is more than I could ever ask for.
  • He likes to eat. A lot. His favorite food is a bacon cheeseburger and fries (how American).
  • He's 100% Armenian. You know, like the Kardashians.
  • He's really athletic. He can pick up any sport or activity in five minutes.
  • He's very outgoing, which makes up for my lack of outgoingness (hey, I'm working on it).
  • He can fix everything, and I mean everything.
  • He's extremely patient and selfless. Good thing, because I'm extremely impatient.
  • He makes me laugh. All the time.
  • We are best friends.
&& together, we have big plans for our future.


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