Hi, everyone! I know, I know, it's been such a long time since I've posted. I've really missed blogging, but you know, life just throws 10 pound literature books at you with environmental science class and lab on top. Kidding. Kind of.
I just completed my summer term of school and have really lacked ideas except ones relating to the Victorian Age and the Scientific Method. However, I've been thinking about my blog - the content, the photos, the direction - all of it. And, I've decided that the point of this blog was not to shove products in people's faces and go on and on about beauty because let's face it, I don't have enough time or money to support a beauty blog. I'm still in college and living paycheck to paycheck, ya know? However, I do know that I have what it takes to talk about my life and all things I love because that's what a blog really gets down to isn't it? What you like and what you enjoy. And I've realized that I always wanted my little space to be a lifestyle blog, but I never thought my life was interesting enough or that my life wasn't as great as another girl's. But.. those days are over!
I've always been striving to become my own person and to figure out exactly who Carrie is and what she likes, enjoys, dreams of, etc. and I've been finding her all along in my own way.
I've realized that I spend my days working my tail off at work, going to school, and studying. But, at night, I dream of one day working for myself and read articles upon articles about how I can implement my ideas and my dreams to finally make them a reality. My new blog is one step closer to that dream.
I'm not going anywhere - I'm just working on my turning my dreams into something tangible.
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