On Saturdays, I'm going to share my favorites from the past week. Whether my favorites are thoughts, recipes, Bible verses, songs, movies, people, looks, food, etc. Whatever they may be, I am going to share them on Saturdays! You can see my last post here.
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Quote: The quote above has really hit me hard this week. I've written it on my calendar for this month as a reminder to always choose to be positive and happy even when it's hard!

Wear: This week, I've been living in my Reef flip flops! I bought these a long time ago and never really wore them because I have a hard time walking in flip flops (I'm more of a sandal/flats girl), but since I didn't properly break a pair of shoes in, I've been wearing these and found a new love for them! I wear them to work and my feet don't hurt at all. :)

Purchase: My Street Level bag. I absolutely love this bag-it's roomy, has a cute design on the inside, it's functional, and it goes with everything! 

What did you love this week?

Come back Monday for a special post :)

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  1. Super cute bag!! Reminds me that I really need a new black one! I love that quote, too, and am definitely always reminding myself of the importance of choosing JOY in all situations!! So good.

    Thanks for linking with me :)





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