Florida Trip: Day 1

Hi, everyone! Today's post is going to be rather short. However, the next few days will be filled with many pictures and a few videos from my vacation to Florida!

A little recap: my family moved from Cocoa, Florida to Huntsville, Alabama just after my tenth birthday. Every summer since then, we have traveled down to Florida to see family and friends. Although we visit the same place every summer, each trip has been so different from the one before, and the one before that. We love spending time with our family that we are able to see once or twice a year!

Like I said before, Gary, my dad, and I left for Florida last Monday. We left the house at around 4 a.m. and while I slept in the backseat and caught up on my social media throughout the day, my dad and G drove almost 12 hours down to my aunt, uncle, and cousin's house where we stayed.
Once we arrived, we were greeted by my little cousins dressed up in superhero costumes! Isn't he cute?
After we said our hello's, we sat around the kitchen and dining room and ate tacos and fajitas. They were so yummy!
After some chit chat, we finished the night with sparklers just because :)

Come back tomorrow for day #2 of my Florida trip which is all about Disney!


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