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Hi, everyone! Right now, Gary and I are on our way to Florida with my dad until Saturday. We have a full week of theme parks, the beach, and family. We are so excited! I only have one other post planned, so I'll try to update you if I have some down time.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a new series I'm starting about dating! In this dating series, I'm going to share some of Gary and I's dates, along with some date ideas, long distance relationship stuff (which we're about to go into, but I'm calling it a "short distance relationship" because we'll only be an hour and fifteen minutes away from each other), and others! But, today, Gary is going to share with you why he thinks going on dates is important (especially when you've been dating someone for over three years like we have:)

Hello blog world, my name is Gary. I’ve never written a blog post or anything of the sort, so this is my grand debut. But don’t expect much out of me. 

As readers of this blog, you probably (hopefully) already know that I am the one and only boyfriend of Carrie, the creator/author of A Tangled Tale (some info about us can be found on the C&G tab above). Some of you might know me in person, while others probably have no idea of who I am. Regardless, I’m happy to have the opportunity to converse with the readers of A Tangled Tale, especially on what I’ll be writing about today. 

Before I get into this topic, let me start by saying that I am indescribably lucky to have the honor of dating Carrie. She’s been more of a blessing to me than I can put into words, and my relationship with her has absolutely changed my life. Maybe one day I’ll tell you all the story of how God used her to draw me to Him, but for now I’ll just say that every day that I (or anyone else) get to spend with this girl is more joyful, exciting, intriguing, hilarious, comforting, and beautiful than I could have ever asked for. She’s my best friend. I give God all the glory for giving us what we have (we would not be here without Him), and I can’t wait to see where He takes our relationship in the future. 

Now that I’ve given an intro of sorts, I’m gonna get into the topic of the day: dates as a couple. More specifically, I’ll be talking about the dates that Carrie and I go on when we go out. I think that going on a date has a lot of significance for any couple, be it a couple who just started dating or a married couple who have been together for many years. In my relationship with Carrie right now, going on a date for me is a chance to reconnect on a conversational level while being separated from the rest of the world so to speak (separated mentally). By this, I mean that we can go out and talk/hang out with an almost complete focus on each other. Being in public, there’s no one else around that we know (most of the time) and we can almost hone in on what we’re talking about and on the time that we have together. It’s a weird paradox of being surrounded by others, yet separated from them at the same time. The best thing I can compare it to is like the feeling of watching a movie with someone, except you’re in the movie that you are watching. We can go do fun activities (mini golf!), get food, coffee, see a movie, etc. while not being distracted from just enjoying each other’s presence (seeing a movie may seem distracting from an outer perspective, but it actually fulfills the same effect of having each other’s presence and further fuels our conversations, both before and after the movie). Our dates, regardless of their content, mean a lot to me because of that time of focus by us on each other. 

Beyond that relational aspect, our dates do allow us to get out and experience every different kind of thing that we want to do together. We have gone to all kinds of museums, movies, restaurants, dessert places, coffee shops, arcades (my personal favorite), theme parks (more soon!!!), sporting events, cities, etc. You name a date activity, we’ve most likely done it/talked about it. And you know how if you’re with your best friend, whatever you’re doing can be made fun. That’s how it is when me and Carrie are on a date (or just when we’re together). Wherever we go or whatever we do, if we’re together, the night turns out to be a blast. Be it my shenanigans of trying to act cool or Carrie’s shenanigans of laughing at/defrauding my attempts to be cool, our time together is always filled with laughter, frustration, comedy, and happiness. There’s nothing like experiencing the world with your best friend. 

I’m sure that a year ago, the way that I thought about dates with Carrie was nothing like what I think about them now. And I’m sure a year from now, things will be similarly different – I’ll probably have a whole new set of ideas and a different perspective on the various aspects of our dates. But since the first date that I went on her, I’ve learned and experienced a truth that will be consistent for as long as the Lord wills for us to be together: a date for me means time with my girl, walking through whatever the world has to offer while having my mind in an uninhibited, special place with her.  

If you have read this whole blog post, that’s really awesome and I greatly appreciate your time. Comment below if you have any thoughts on the post or even if you want to just tell us that you read the whole thing (it means a lot!).



  1. Hey girl! I found your blog through the Some Things I'm Loving link up...and just in time too! I've gotta say...I'm super excited about this new series you're starting...and it's awesome that your boyfriend is partnering with you too! :)

    1. Hi! Aw, thank you so much! This means to much to me!
      I just looked at your blog and it makes me so happy to find someone my age and someone who shares the same middle name as me (except I spell mine Elise)!
      I'll definitely be tuning into your blog!





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