Florida Trip: Day 2

I apologize for not having this up yesterday like I said I would, but I didn't realize how many pictures I had!
To see day #1 of our Florida vacation you can click here.

Today, I'm going to share day #2 of our Florida vacation!
The second day we were in Florida, Gary and I made our way to Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

We left Cocoa a little after 8 a.m. with our matching backpacks ready to go!

We arrived at the park around 9:15 and headed straight for Space Mountain (naturally)! Before we made our way into the line, we got our fast passes to ride Space Mountain for later.
After we came back from space, we rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, rode Space Mountain again, and headed over to Fantasyland. Fantasyland is my favorite land at Disney World, so I was beyond excited. We made our way to check out the newest addition to Disney World--Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.
I took a few pictures of the outside of Prince Eric and Ariel's castle:

Isn't is just beautiful? I could seriously live there.
Below I have a video I took of the entire ride that was originally for my sister because she didn't get to accompany us to FL, but I think I'll share it with you all today!
Disclaimer: I say "oh nuts" and "oh my gosh, I love this!", quite a bit and Gary and I say something about Ariel being "naked" at one point, so please feel free to make fun of/judge/laugh at us. :)

After we rode Journey of the Little Mermaid, we hopped back in line for round two (because I loved it that much).

After we saw Ariel for the second time, we headed over to the plaza in front of Gaston's Tavern.
The inside looked like this: 

Gary in Gaston's chair!
Okay, so my favorite part of Disney World this time around was definitely the Beast's castle. Ask Gary how obsessed I am with the movie, the song, everything. I can't help myself when it comes to Beauty and the Beast. I wish I were Belle! Outside of the castle, we walked along a bridge over a small river, and were greeted by gargoyles, a metal gate, and large statues. 

In the castle, we made our way down the hall surrounded by suits of armor. 

Once we made our way down the hall, feeling like royalty (minus the whole sweaty part), we were given a rose to set on our table and then we ordered our food. 

Once we were given our rose and ordered our food, we walked through the three dining rooms. We picked the West Wing. (Excuse the bad quality pictures. It was really dark in there!)

In this picture, you can see the Beast's picture on the mantel with the scratches through it. 
Just like the movie!

Behind the scratched up and torn curtains sat the rose:

Our food arrived and we dug in!
The pictures didn't turn out too good, but we did get a cupcake!

The pictures below are the other dining rooms you can choose from:

Belle and the beast dancing

All the portraits were so pretty!

Out those windows, it was snowing!

My cousin works for the company who painted these ceilings. Aren't the beautiful?

In front of a glass window. It was prettier up close!

As we made our way through the park, we stopped along another new edition to the park. Can you guess whose tower this is?
It's Rapunzel's! Seriously, when I saw the lanterns, I freaked out. Maggie and I absolutely love the movie Tangled (we cry every time!).

We walked by it at night and it was SO pretty with all the glowing lanterns. Too bad the Tangled section is only bathrooms :(

We also spent some time up close to Cinderella's castle.

The tile work is fantastic. I just wanted to sit and stare all day, but we were shooed out.

Isn't he cute? 

Afterwards, we rode Peter Pan, "It's a Small World", and then headed over to the Haunted Mansion.

For the rest of the day, we explored the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, we rode the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean (A Pirate's Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas), Peter Pan's Flight, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain.
We then headed back over to Fantasyland and went to Belle's cottage. In Belle's cottage, they have what is called Enchanted Tales with Belle. In her quaint cottage, guests are chosen to reenact the story of Beauty and the Beast! Gary was one of the lucky few to surprise Belle.

He was a suit of armor!

With Belle :)

After we rode everything we wanted to, we headed back to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain for one more time. As we approached the line, the wait said an hour and a half. So, we turned around and a lady stopped us and handed us two fast passes! We were shocked. We rode Space Mountain once more and then finished out the day with a Mickey Mouse ice cream.

I hope you enjoyed all our Disney pictures! 
Come back tomorrow for Day #3 of our Florida trip.



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