Florida Trip: Day 3

Hi everyone! Today's post is all about day #3 of our Florida vacation. To read day #1 click here and to read day #2 click here.

Our third day in Florida, we woke up early and headed to the beach with my cousins. The weather was perfect!

My little cousin Lana playing in the sand

After we hit the beach, we headed over to Ron Jon's and looked around and then went to lunch at Kelsey's! I didn't even take a picture because I was too busy stuffing myself with a calzone and the best Greek salad I've ever had.
Later that night, we went over to eat with my mom's family. 
Shout out to my aunt Tammy! You're the best :)

Come back tomorrow for day #4 in Florida. I'll give you a hint of what it's about: have you ever heard of a platform 9 3/4?



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