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Hi, everyone! As I said before, I am going to share a little bit about the body butter that I bought from The Body Shop!
I first heard about The Body Shop from a Youtube video. Vloggers were raving about body butter from The Body Shop and I HAD to have some. After I watched the video, I went on their website and began looking through all the body scrubs, body butters, and more. I then filled up my bag, became distracted, and forgot about it. I know, how idiotic of me.
While Gary and I were in Nashville, he suggested we stop by Cool Springs Mall. I sat there for a second, mulling over the fact that Gary was the one suggesting us go to the mall (which never happens), then quickly said yes! I looked up the stores in the mall and came across you guessed it, The Body Shop! We hopped out of the car, made our way to the second floor, and entered The Body Shop. The sweet smells of body butters overwhelmed me and I screwed off every lid in that place and smelled every. single. scent. while the sales associate stood there and watched me and then proceeded to make Carrie Bradshaw references at me. Never had that one before! Anyways.
I had to restrain myself from buying the whole store and ending up buying the body butter duo in vanilla and the mango body butter.
Let me just say, this stuff smells SO good. I wish I could put a scratch and sniff sticker on my blog for all of you to smell, but hey, I can't do everything.

First, I want to talk about the mango. The mango scented body butter is my signature smell for summer. The scent is not by any means overwhelming, but somehow it seems to make the whole room smell good. If that makes sense? The butter is so hydrating and leaves your skin smelling good all day. I call that a win win. :)

The vanilla duo body butter is different than the mango. The duo has two different body butters in it: one is for normal skin areas and the other is for dry skin areas. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the dry skin area butter (on the right) is thicker than the normal skin area butter. Like I've said before, I have really dry skin, so the thicker butter for the dry skin areas has really helped moisturize those spots.

Have you tried body butter from The Body Shop?
What's your signature summer smell?


[The opinions and views shared are my own]


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