Spring Goals Revisited

In this post I listed a few goals for last Spring. Today, I wanted to revisit a few of them and let you know the progress I've made.
My first goal was to drink more water. I've come so far with this goal. I've completely cut out coffee which I was drinking everyday and I've started taking a water bottle with me basically everywhere and actually drinking all of it!
My second goal was to read more. I have completely crushed this goal-I've read eight books (they were all over 200 pages) since the earlier part of 2014 (I'm almost done with my ninth). Considering the tough semester I had, this is quite an accomplishment for me! If you have any good reading suggestions, please let me know in the comment section below! I'm always up for a new book to read.
My third goal was to work on my French: to be honest, I haven't practiced French since November. Though I do plan on starting pretty soon.
My final goal was to sew: I haven't touched my sewing machine since I've been home for the summer. However, since I was planning on buying some curtains for my new apartment, I think I am going to try to make my own. If you have any tutorials on how to make your own curtains, please let me know below!

What goals have you made that you've accomplished?


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