Hi, everyone! If you read this post you'd know that last month I was beginning my brainstorm for the new layout and content for my blog. I've been working on changing up my content this past month, so over the weekend I thought it was a good time to change the layout. I really like the new look and I hope you all do too.
If you haven't looked around too much, I want you to know what has changed: on the home page, in the righthand corner, you can now find a few of my social media handles like my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Below that, you can search the whole site and click on the "About" page and the "C&G" page to find out more information about me and Gary (if you're new here!).
Below all of this, you can now subscribe to my blog via email which I'm very excited about! Feel free to put your email in so you can find out when I post. Below the email subscription, you can now look at my most popular posts, my blog archive, and my Blogger profile.

I hope you guys like the new setup!


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