Makeup Brushes

Today I'm here to share with you all my love of Sephora makeup brushes. I received a Sephora makeup brush set from my parents for Christmas and I haven't used anything since. They. are. that. good. I know that Sephora brushes can be quite expensive on their own (I'm talking like $34 for one brush), but I'm madly in love with them and their soft bristles. I would recommend waiting until around Christmas time and then buy them in a set so you get more bang for you buck. These brushes are so soft, they work your makeup in like no other, did I mention they're soft? In my opinion, these are the perfect brushes. My favorite out of the set are the precision shadow brush, the small contour brush, and the brow comb. You should check them out.
From top to bottom:
1. Powder brush
2. Small contour brush
3. Fan brush
4. Precision shadow brush
5. Blending shadow brush
6. Angled liner brush
7. Brow comb
8. Smudge brush

Do you have a favorite brand of makeup brushes?


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