Hi, everyone! I apologize for being absent the past few days--I've been busy. I went to Birmingham early Tuesday morning to work with my mom and the business she works for and came back Wednesday night (where I stood for 8 hours straight each day--I don't know how my mom does it). Yesterday, I was at my sister's high school taking pictures of their volleyball camp going on. Watching all the varsity players teach all the younger girls about the game was so precious and it made me want to play again! Also, while I'm updating you all, I have decided to transfer colleges. This fall, I'll be living at home and attending UAH. The decision was really hard, but I feel a peace abut my decision which I really needed. I'm so nervous! Anyways, I'll be posting tomorrow about my favorites of this past week and next week, be on the look out for some elastic hair ties :)



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