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Hi, everyone! Today is the start of a new series about college. I came up with this "College Series" to inform those headed into college of the many things a student needs to know. So, here is my first post in my College Series!
To start off/give a recap, I just completed my Freshman year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I studied Business Management there. As I've said before, I decided to transfer schools this summer and I will be attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville this fall as a Sophomore studying Business Management, but more specifically Human Resources and Entrepreneurship.
My freshman year at UAB was incredible. To cut it short, because I am the oldest child in my family (meaning I'm the lab rat of the fam), I didn't really know what to expect going into college. I didn't know what to bring, what to wear, what to do, nothing. Zip. Zero. Through much experimentation and failure, I figured it out, thankfully. To better prepare others, I made a short list of 9 Things Every College Freshman Needs for all of you Freshman going into college this Fall!

9 Things Every College Freshman Needs:
1. Backpack: Although this may seem like a no brainer, investing in a good backpack is key in college. You have to lug heavy books across campus all day, with a few folders, a laptop, and whatever else you keep in your backpack. A sturdy backpack is a must!
2. Water bottle: Every morning before class, I would fill up my water bottle and carry it all day to my classes. Having a water bottle throughout the day keeps you hydrated and it can relieve that itch in your throat in the middle of class that you can't cough out.
3. Rain Jacket: After walking to class in the rain without a rain jacket more than three times my fall semester, I realized I needed a good rain jacket. It doubles as a windbreaker in the windy winter months!
4. Smartphone: I remember being at Freshman orientation with my mom a few weeks before starting school in August and walking the blocks of Birmingham panicking that I didn't know my way around the city at all. However, having a smartphone can really help you navigate even while walking a few blocks.
5. Comfortable shoes: Being in college, you walk. A. Lot. Having comfortable shoes is a definite must. You can pull off the sporty look with tennis shoes, or you could pull the girly look with flats (I recommend Yosi Samra flats, which I absolutely love)!
6. Umbrella: An umbrella goes hand-in-hand with a rain jacket. However, an umbrella can't really help you if the rain is coming down at an angle (yikes!).
7. Jacket: Having a thick jacket/peacoat (depending on where you live of course) is another must. Walking from class to class in the winter can be miserable when you don't have a good jacket. Having a thick jacket that you can layer other clothing beneath is something you'll definitely need!
8. Laptop: Having a laptop in this day in age is so common that I shouldn't have even mentioned it, but I wanted you all to know that having a laptop is such a luxury as a college student. With a laptop, you can watch Netflix, catch up with friends, keep in contact with teachers, Skype your parents/siblings, take notes, and keep up with homework.
9. Planner/Calendar: I'm a really big organizer/planner. I like knowing what I'm doing. Having a planner and calendar is dire in college. You have to keep track of your homework, papers, meetings, appointments, etc. A planner helps you plan ahead and keep track of everything at once.

I hope you enjoyed my list and found it helpful! Please don't be shy about leaving emails/questions/comments!


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