To be honest, I've been lacking inspiration (that's why I took a small hiatus). I've tried laying in my hammock, thinking about topics to discuss. I've tried sitting by the pool. I've stared at my computer, trying to find this inspiration. I have failed time and time again to receive inspiration-all I needed was a small lightbulb to go off. So, I thought why not ask girls around my age what they would like to read in a blog. This may seem like common sense to some...however, I'm usually the last person to ask for help (especially if it's something I got myself into). Starting today, I'm going to work extra hard on this blog-why I created A Tangled Tale, who it's for, what I get from writing, and many projects. I thought about completely closing down this blog, but I couldn't let myself do it. I knew I had more ideas bottled up and more thoughts to be discovered. So, here's to all you out there who support me and A Tangled Tale by reading. I may not know you, but I just want to thank you so much for stopping by.



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