As I said in my last post, I've been busy/lacking inspiration lately. So, Thursday I came up with a few ideas, but today, I sat down and wrote ideas for this blog down on paper (5 pages) and to say the least, I am so excited for the future of this blog! However, for today, I just wanted to share a bit of my Sunday :).
A week or so ago, my mom was out of town working and my dad asked my sister and I if we could put together a small get-together for my mom's birthday (my mom hates anything that draws attention to her, so this was a bold move). We hesitated at first, but then we obliged. My sister (Maggie) and I went to Publix on Friday and ordered a cake and then yesterday we went grocery shopping for some appetizers. We celebrated my mom's birthday last night with a few friends. Man, it was fun!
I just had to snap a few pictures (with my iPhone) of the food because it was so yummy! We had hummus, pita bread, pickles, olives, cheese, crackers, chips and dip, fruit, mini weenies, and pork...delish!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful momma!


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