Florida Trip: Day 4

Hi, everyone!
I apologize that this post is a little over-do! But, it's FINALLY done! Here's day 4:
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Gary and I's fourth day in Florida was spent at Islands of Adventure! We promptly arrived at the park a few minutes after opening, and headed straight to the back of the park to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We confidently walked up to the gates and were told that the ride was down and would be open in an hour or so. Still confident we would ride in a few hours, we rode the Dragon Challenge twice and then headed back over to the gates of Hogwarts. We were then told they didn't know when the ride would open, so off we went, sulking. I was so sad (you can definitely tell in the video below)! The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is my favorite ride and I was not leaving without riding it. So, Gary and I rode every ride in the park. We were actually standing in line at Spiderman when he called the front desk at Islands and asked about when the ride would be open. The voice on the other line said that the ride opened 15 minutes ago!
Being Harry Potter fanatics, Gary and I jumped out of line, and fast walked all the way to the other side of the park to Hogwarts. We stood in line for almost two and a half hours to ride the Forbidden Journey. Let me just say, it was beyond worth it.
Below is a compilation of photos and videos we took throughout the day.

We brought our lunch to the Three Broomsticks and had cups of butterbeer (I'm obsessed with it)

Ollivanders- Look at all the wands in the window!

I'm pretty sure this is the dress Emma Watson actually wore in the Goblet of Fire:

After we walked around Hogsmeade and sipped our butterbeer, we finally made our way into the line for the ride. The pictures below are from the line outside.

The greenhouse where the students take herbology:

Inside the castle (excuse the quality of these photos--it was really dark!):

There were several unicorns:

Once we passed all the statues and unicorns, we walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom!

After we walked through the classroom, we then headed into Dumbledore's office:

You can actually see Albus himself in this one:

There were cabinets full of little trinkets like telescopes and such:

The Pensieve:

As we walked closer to the ride, we saw the lockers for the quidditch players:

Below I put all our videos we took throughout the day into one. This video includes walking through the castle and has a lot of what I couldn't get pictures of. However, I want to apologize in advance for the extremely bad quality of it. It was very dark, but you can hear the trio talking to you and the talking pictures!

After we closed down the park, Gary and I ate at Margaritaville. The food was SO good:

And that's it for our Florida trip! Day 5 was the day we went home and we were both so worn out that I didn't take any pictures. Plus, I slept the whole way back :)


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