A Rant & Reminder

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I've recently had this quote on my heart. With all the great technology we've been introduced to, a lot of society today has become completely submerged within it. Including me. I've found myself pulling out my phone while spending time with family, or "just checking" my phone when out with Gary. And then, I'll realize quite a few Instagram pictures later what I'm doing and put my phone up. I've looked back on the past few years and regret that I didn't spend my time with who I was with because I was too busy being on social media or on my phone in general. Just a reminder: whoever you're with, whatever you're doing, whether you're walking across campus, or you're spending time with your boyfriend, put your phone away and just be. Be present and soak up all the beauty we've been given in this world and the people around you. You never know what you'll gain by being all there.



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