Midweek Ramblings

If you saw my last post, you read that I got a new piercing. Yeah, I loved it. Hence the word loved. Yeah, you read that right. Monday night, I had to take out my new earring because my ear swelled up and hurt like nuts. I couldn't take the pain anymore (I took 4 ibuprofins that day) so I took it out and it bled for 30 minutes. My hands were shaking and I felt like I was going to pass out because it hurt that bad. Ugh. I'm so bummed because I loved my new piercing!
Anyways. I hammocked with my friends on Monday--the weather was SO nice.
The clouds were moving by so fast. It was beautiful.
So far this week, I've been listening to my Celine Dion Pandora radio station. Yes, I still love her.
I've also been drinking a lot of coffee out of extremely large cups because I broke my favorite mug from Anthropologie whilst moving this weekend.
I've been using Suave's Moroccan Oil  and Covergirl's smoky shadow blast in Bronze Fire nonstop (more on that soon).
Also, I have found that I'm really good at not staying on task--I was in the middle of doing my accounting homework and then I stopped because I felt the need to share my week thus far.

Do you get sidetracked while doing homework?
What have you been up to this week?



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