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Hi, everyone! I have another review for you today--Suave Moroccan Argan Infusion Styling Oil! [The opinions and views shared are my own]
On blogs everywhere, there's always talk about Moroccan oil. It is always said to make your hair so soft and silky. How could I resist this? I did some research and found that this luscious oil by the Moroccanoil brand is a whopping $40! However, thanks to Suave, we have a cheaper version! After seeing the commercial for Suave's new Moroccan oil, I went to Target (can you tell Target is my favorite store yet?) and bought a 3 FL. OZ (the only size they have out right now) for around $6. This stuff is such a good deal and it smells so good!
First, I want to say that this product can be used in many different ways. It can be used after styling your hair to put to rest those pesky fly-aways, after your hair air-dries, after your hair has been blow dried, etc. I put a pump or two in my hand, rubbed by hands together (making sure some of the oil got between my fingers) and then ran my fingers through my hair from mid-length down after I styled it. It made my hair so soft while looking shiny and clean and it smelled great.
Second, I used this the second day after styling my hair to put down all the fly-aways. I pumped a small amount of oil into my hand, rubbed my finger tips together, and then lightly rubbed all my fly-aways down. It looked like I hadn't slept on my hair!
Third, this oil is not heavy. This product was made for all hair types in mind. Consequently, it does not weigh your hair down, which is great for those who have really fine and thin hair.
Fourth, this oil is not greasy. It doesn't make your hair look like you tried too hard to get shiny hair and got into a greasy mess on the way there.
Fifth, the packaging is perfect. The pump allows you to get a good amount of oil without giving you too much or too little.
Last, did I mentioned it smells so good??

Have you tried this Moroccan oil? Let me know your thoughts/comments!


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