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Today I have a small review of sorts. As always, these are my own opinions that I'm sharing on my own accord and I do not proclaim myself to be an expert or professional.
I just bought the Fit Me (Maybelline) liquid foundation from Target because I ran out of my Covergirl foundation and I wanted to try something different. So, without further ado, let's begin!
Because I have really light and fair skin, it's really hard for me to find makeup that doesn't make me look orange-y or uneven. So when I bought Fit Me (I bought #110 which is the lightest they make), I tried it right away and I love it. First, this foundation must be set with a primer (I recommend the Bare Minerals Prime Time). Second, it is made for people with normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin, I would not suggest using this because it's dewy. Also, depending on your skin, you may or may not need to use a powder on top of the foundation. Thirdly, I think this foundation is really neat because like its name, it's almost like it fits your skin perfectly and it blends so well. Fourthly, you don't need an excessive amount. I use a dime size and it covers my entire face! Lastly, it has SPF 18 which is a great plus because you don't need to worry about your face being exposed to the sun if you're out and about outside.
The only complaint I have about this foundation is the way it's packaged. I love how sophisticated the glass bottle looks, but it really stinks when you get down to the bottom and you can't get the remaining foundation that sticks to the bottom of the bottle. I think a pump would be a better alternative, but I still love this foundation so much that I'm willing to overlook this small detail :).



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