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I just want to start off saying that I'm not an expert in makeup or fashion or anything. I'm just a girl who loves trying all these great products for fun and I want to share my opinions of products with others!
Growing up, I was always a tomboy. I never carried a purse, I hated the color pink, and I spent more than half my life outdoors playing barefoot and being sweaty. Nowadays, I spend the majority of my time online shopping and taking trips to Target and spending all my money on new clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup. When I arrived home on Friday from college, I showed my mom two shirts, a bathing suit, and a bandeau I had bought. Needless to say she said I had a "shopping problem." I am not denying this accusation, nor detesting it. However, I would like the world to know that I have changed my tomboy-ish ways and I will be going to Target later today (Shh.. don't tell my mom! :)) My mom actually tried to put lipstick and lip gloss on me on numerous occasions as a kid and I would run away and freak out. Never would I have thought that I'd put it on willingly! Now I'm rambling. Anyways... I wanted to share three of my favorite lip products! Here they are:

Favorite Lip Proucts

1. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter: My roommate Hannah introduced me to this product. I absolutely love this stuff! I bought the Berry Smoothie color. Because of my lighter skin tone, I always get kind of scared when it comes to lip colors. I thought this would be too dark for me, but when I put it on it was brighter than I thought. It looks great by itself and mixed with other lighter colors.

2. Eos Lip Balm: I found Eos about a year and a half ago. Eos' lip balms are great because you don't have to twist them and you can cover both lips at the same time. I have the Summer Fruit flavor and it reminds me so much of summer (hence the name) and it doesn't leave a weird flavor on the lips which is really nice! Also, it has a refreshing scent.

3. Maybelline Color Whispers: Color whispers came out not too long ago. I picked up #55, or One Size Fits Pearl, from Target a month ago and I've used half of it already! I love this product because it not only smells good, it also gives a little bit of color to the lips with an effortless look and is very light on the lips.

Maybelline lipstick

Revlon beauty product

What are your favorite lip products?


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