On Saturdays I'm going to share my favorites from the past week. Whether my favorites are thoughts, Bible verses, songs, movies, people, looks, food, etc. Whatever they may be, I am going to share them on Saturdays!

Song: "Stars" by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. You can find it here. This song is the perfect rainy day song and once I listened to it, I couldn't stop.

Hobby: Hammocking with friends. My last few days in Birmingham were so nice. My friends and I went hammocking and enjoyed our last few days together outside in the hot weather. It was a great ending to finals week and a great beginning to summer!

Show: Revenge. When I first saw the commercials for Revenge, I was curious, but not curious enough to watch it. Then, one afternoon I decided "hey, I have nothing to do. Why not start a new show?" So, I did. I began Revenge and I absolutely love it. It's so captivating and it keeps you on your toes.

Movie: The Great Gatsby! I saw it last night in 3D and it was marvelous! I wish I could have been alive during the 20's. The movie is so visually exciting. The acting is brilliant, the clothing is so extravagant, and the movie as a whole was on point. I loved it. Go see it!

What did you love this week?


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