Hi, everyone! I'm finally back from my long break of blogging. This semester made it really hard to keep up blogging and get school work done and keep my sanity. However, I am back and I have finally figured out the direction I want to go with this little space and what schedule I'm going to stick with. I'm thinking that I want to have posts up three days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, make sure you come back and check on those days.

This weekend was so nice. Gary and I went home after work on Friday. On Friday night, we watched a Christmas movie with my sister and then celebrated Gary's birthday on Saturday night with Italian food, drinks, and cake. On Sunday, we went to church and then had lunch with our families and headed back to Birmingham. On Sunday night, Gary and I headed to our first Christmas party of the season. We had a great time spending time with friends that we hadn't seen in ages.

What did you do this weekend?


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