Florida Product Haul

During my family's trip to Florida, we stopped by a beauty store and TJMaxx where I picked up a few beauty-related items. 
Here's what products I bought:
OPI Taupe-Less Beach - the perfect grey/purple that don't make my hands look too dull. 
Essie Waltz - a lovely white that's not too white-out white.
Essie St. Lucia Lilac - a beautiful purple pastel that's wearable during any season.
It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In - the product that makes your hair extra soft.
A nail buffer - everyone needs one of these.
Birchwood cuticle pushers - everyone needs one of these, too.
OPI Cajun Shrimp - I got a pedicure before we went shopping and then found this color at the store and couldn't resist buying it. It's the most ideal summertime red with a hint of pink.
Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray - a product that gives your hair a little more oomf.


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