BB Cream

Hi, everyone! Today's review is Garnier's Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. This is the first BB Cream I've ever tried. I never really jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon because I'm more of a full coverage girl, but I thought I'd give it a try since I'll be visiting a few theme parks next week. I picked this up at Target for around $12. I thought it would be a great base if I'm outside and need a little bit of coverage. This product includes SPF 15, which is nice. Although the color range is terrible, it's great for mixing with a foundation. I picked the light/medium shade and it's really dark for me, so I  usually only use this when I fake tan! 
The consistency is quite thick. It's very moisturizing and lasts for a few hours (I would not suggest this to oily skin gals). If you are going to be wearing it for a while, I would suggest applying a bit of powder over it. It does have a tinge of smell-it doesn't smell bad, it's just a different smell. However, it does go away once the product dries. Because it does tend to cling to dry spots, I usually put a bit of moisturizer on the dry patches. Overall, I think this product is good for a few hours of running errands, a day by the pool and you want some coverage, or if you're going to be out for just a little bit and want minimal coverage. 

Have you tried Garnier's BB Cream?


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