Product of the Week/2

Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all another product I have been loving this week. However, I thought I would just make the topic a weekly post and a new series! So without further ado, here is week two of Product of the Week!

Today's products are concealers from NYX Cosmetics. I bought two full coverage concealers, a green and a yellow.

The green concealer is for red blemishes on the face. Since my face is breaking out this week (TMI?), I have found this to be so useful when concealing the redness on my face.

Because I'm a college student and I tend to stay up late (probably not a good idea), I usually have dark circles under my eyes. I use the yellow concealer to brighten up this area around my eyes and love it!

If you haven't ever tried colored concealers, I would definitely recommend these. Because they are thicker, they tend to stay for a good amount of time and really do work!

What product do you love this week?
Have you tried these concealers?


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