A Concert

Hi, everyone! So today I was planning on giving you all a recap of the Ben Rector concert I went to. However, my stomach had different plans on Wednesday night. Gary and I ate and went to the concert. I made it through the opening act, Tyrone Wells, who was really phenomenal. I noticed my stomach was not feeling very well which happened the last time I went to a concert. I don't know if it's eating before a concert that gets me, or maybe eating with all the smells of beer and perfume mixed with no air. I have no idea. Anyways. I went and sat outside during the break before Ben came out. My stomach hurt to the point where it hurt just to stand up at all, but I couldn't let myself leave. Gary and I ended up hearing Ben perform one song before I ran to the bathroom to throw up. I came back, got to hear a few verses of a song, met Tyrone Wells and then left. I cried the entire way back home because I was so disappointed and in pain. I'm still bummed! I had been looking forward to that concert for weeks.
However, I did get a few pictures and a little bit of video to last me until I (hopefully) get to see him in concert for real.

He sounds even better than on his album!


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