The Perfect Hair Tie

Being a girl, I'm always on the lookout for cute hair accessories. So, when the "Emi Jay" hair ties came out, I was all over them. I bought one pack of 2 for an outrageous price, like every other girl on the planet. However, I think this is absolutely ridiculous that I did this. In my opinion, females should have the ability to find cute accessories for cheap. After saying that, I made my own "Emi Jay" hair ties (called Elastic No Tug Hair Ties) to sell for cheap! Below are the details:

This is my first time selling these so, I have one set of each of the following sets (1-15). This means that whoever contacts me first will be able to purchase it. If I get good feedback, I will order some more supplies, list all the colors available, and you will be able to pick 4 colors of your choice. But for now, I have grouped 15 sets of 4.
Pricing: I am selling a set of 4 hair ties for $4.00 and shipping is $1.75.
Contact: You can visit my "Contact" page to find my email. Just shoot me an email with the following information: 1) The email's subject as "elastic hair ties" and 2) The set you would like to buy. After you send me an email, we will go from there!

Set #1 is sold

Set #2 is sold

Set #3 is sold

Set #4 is sold

Set #6 is sold

Set #8 is sold

Set #9 is sold

Set #10 is sold

Set #11 is sold

Set #14 is sold

Set #15 is sold



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