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Beauty Products

Over the past few years, I have used multiple kinds of makeup. Now that I have somewhat become an adult, I ditched the beginner makeup and I started using the "real" stuff. I am also very wary when it comes to trying new products, so I wanted to show you all some of what I use and what I love!

1. Neutrogena moisture SPF 15: I received a little travel size bottle of this a few weeks ago in some face wipes. This stuff is good. I put it on my face and neck after I take a shower and my pores are open. It really softens my face and it doesn't get as oily. I will definitely buy more when mine runs out.

2. Chi Silk Infusion: I got a little bottle of this for Christmas because I use thermal tools all the time. I put a little dab in my hand and rub it in between my fingers and then run my fingers through my hair before I use a straightener, curling iron, etc. This protects your hair from getting damaged from the heat of thermal tools. It makes my hair really soft and it smells really good, too!

3. Tresemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo: I used to wash my hair every other day. I absolutely love washing my hair, but as I started getting older and I started curling and straightening my hair I realized I was doing more damage than good. Nowadays, I don't wash my hair for at least 3 days. In the morning of the second day, I hold the bottle 8 inches away from my hair and spray and then let it sit for a minute or two and then rub it in. It soaks up all the oil your hair might have!

4. Jergens Natural Glow: If you need an easy tan this product is for you! I have such fair skin so I researched tanning lotions every day for two weeks trying to find the best reviewed and I came upon Jergens Natural Glow. I was fighting the urge to get a spray tan because I was so pasty after this past winter so, I picked this up at Target for $9 and after three days, I had a natural glow! The only thing about this is that you have to put it on evenly. Also, Jergens had a bad rep because apparently it used to smell really bad, but they have changed it and it smells good!

5. Olay lotion: I absolutely love this lotion! I use it on my face especially in the winter. I apply it around my mouth, cheeks, and forehead only going in one direction. It doesn't make me break out and it makes my face really soft!

6. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multi-Purpose Brush No. 04: I just bought this brush for $14 at Target. I am in love with this brush! It makes applying liquid foundation so easy. To see how to apply foundation the right way with a brush like this see this post from The Beauty Department. I will keep this as long as I can!

7. Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer: This product is really neat. It's like a paint brush and you twist the bottom and it pushes concealer to the top where the brush is. This brush makes it really easy to apply concealer under the eye and around the nose or little blemishes!

8. Bare Minerals Foundation: Although Bare Minerals is awfully expensive, I think it's worth it. It lasts me quite a few months and it gives me a nice glow without looking cake-y. I mostly use this in the summer when I'm darker and have more color.

I hope my reviews helped you out!


Face moisturizer

Face moisturizer


TRESemmé straight hair shampoo



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