Spring Bucket List

This spring, I am making it my goal to be more inspired, to do things I haven't done, and to be more positive. I have created a bucket list of ideas to make my spring more memorable. Here it is:
1. Wear more colors: This may seem like a really stupid thing to make a goal of, but I have a really bad habit of pulling out only grey and black pieces from winter.
2. Be more crafty: I absolutely love crafts! Since I have been at college, I have put crafting on the back burner. Over my Christmas break, I bought myself a sewing machine and I am absolutely in love with it. Although I am at college, I am going to try to make more time for crafts.
3. Go camping: This may sound a little strange, but I have never camped. In my life. So, this spring I am making it my duty to go camping for the first time!
4. Get a Chaco tan (I am not going to post a picture because feet creep me out)
5. Be healthier: College is really hard when it comes to eating healthy. There are so many deep fried foods and sweets that are so tempting. This spring, I am going to hit the gym more and find healthier eating habits.
6. Be more positive. I really struggle to be positive. I think positive things in my head, but most of the time only negativity comes out. I love this quote: 

I hope you all enjoyed my list. I encourage you to make your own!

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