How to Stay Unstressed During Finals Week

Hi, everyone! With the end of the semester quickly approaching, (I'm done with my Sophomore year on the 23rd!) I thought I'd share a few tips (that may or may not be common sense) that help me stress less.

1. Start now: This is obvious, but I think we all need to hear this. Don't put off studying until the week or weekend before all your exams. If you start now, you'll be able to cover more material over more time instead of most of your material in a few nights before.
2. Give yourself a break: I was just talking to my best friend Hannah about this one. Everyday, do something that you enjoy. If it's going outside and hammocking for an hour, do it! If it's spending an hour on Pinterest, do it! Whatever it may be, you need to spend an hour doing something you enjoy and reward yourself for all the studying you're doing.
3. Eat good: With finals coming up, we all know that means staying up late at the library with Starbucks in hand. Make sure you are eating good foods like meat, vegetables, and fruit. I suggest packing healthy snacks (like almonds, apple slices, grapes, granola, etc.) in your backpack for when you're at the library. Feeling sluggish from all the baked goods and sweet drinks will not be a good feeling come exam day.
4. Go to the gym: Make sure to exercise! With all the exercising of your mind, make sure you take a break to exercise your body too. Exercising will do wonders for you mood and attitude!
5. Get plenty of rest: Start a good sleep routine now. Go to bed early and wake up and go to the library early. This will help you get more done in one day.
6. Get organized: Make a list for the entire week of all the things you want to get done. Make sure this is attainable. Everyday when you complete things, check them off so you see that you are accomplishing your list.

What are your tips for staying unstressed during finals week?


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