Argan Oil

If there's one step of my skin care routine that I can't skip, it has to be oil. I have very dry skin, so I've been curious about trying an oil for some time now and heard good things about Argan oil. When I popped into Sephora one night, I picked up Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil in a mini size.
I apply this oil all over my face lounging around the apartment. Not only does this brighten my skin, but it also makes it very soft. Since using this oil, my complexion has completely brightened - exactly what I wanted after such dry skin through the winter months.
I use this oil all over my face, under my eyes, and on my cuticles. I've also heard you can use it to tame flyaway hairs or as a hair mask.

What step of your skin care routine can you not skip?


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