What a whirlwind of a month.
Collectively, Gary and I have had 4 interviews this month. We now both have new jobs! yay!
We have traveled every weekend this month. But this weekend, we are doing absolutely nothing (I'M SO EXCITED) until Sunday and then we have to finish our school work (the never ending stream of assignments).
I have tried four new recipes this month. Yay for food!
School has taken over my life this month. But hey, what can I say? College is good. Life is good. Fall is right around the corner. What more could I ask for? [Pumpkin everything. That's what.]

Last weekend, Gary and I went to Tennessee to meet up with my family for Maggie's volleyball tournament and her eighteenth birthday. It was so much fun. We were talking about it all week and how much fun we had.

How are you guys?
Sorry, this was a weird post. 


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