Recent Purchases

I've had a few purchases since the beginning of April, so I thought I'd share a few things I've bought since then. Bear with me - they're all quite random. I left out a cardigan, a few v-necks, and denim shorts - I couldn't fit them in the photo, but you're not missing too much as they're pretty basic!
First, I bought a floral print kimono with fringe at the bottom from Brickyard Buffalo. It's a type of clothing that I wouldn't normally purchase, but I'm working on building a wardrobe slowly.
The blue tank top next to it is a piece I bought from Cotton On when we were in Florida for spring break. It is so soft and has a slit at the bottom of either side.
I bought the Nikes recently because I've been at the gym and working out quite frequently and my only other tennis shoes are solely for walking around the city, going to class, etc. because I wanted to keep them clean. I just love the color of these!
On a recent trip to TJMaxx, I picked up a shower gel and cream body scrub (from The Body Shop). They smell so good. I can't get over it!
When Gary and I were at the airport in Atlanta on our way to Florida, I just had to stop at the Benefit vending machine. I couldn't resist, so I bought PosieBalm and have used it almost every day since.
I also picked up three new Essie nail polishes (from left to right) Lilacism, Waltz, and Hi Maintenance. They are all lovely colors!
When I was home one weekend, I stopped by H&M and bought these little hair bands. They are super comfortable in my hair and can hold all of my hair up without creasing it!
And most recently, I bought Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof mascara. I've only been using it for a few days, but I honestly have no idea how I lived without this mascara in my life!

What have you purchased recently?


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