Boscia Cleansing Oil

Hi, everyone! I'm here to share one of the best products I've used in a long time - Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil. I'm sure you've probably heard about this or walked by it in Sephora, but I thought that I should either remind you about it if you've seen it before, or introduce it to you if you've never heard of it.
I found Boscia in the beauty world of YouTube. YouTubers talk about this stuff all the time, so I couldn't not try it, right? I picked up the smaller size (1.7 oz) mid-December and quickly used it all up. Once I got back to Birmingham for school, I stopped by Sephora and bought the larger 5 oz. size. No regrets. This cleansing oil is meant to dissolve makeup and impurities while refreshing the skin.
I take this on clean hands every night before I take a shower and rub it into my full makeup face (even around my eyes). The oil dissolves the makeup and you can see it start coming up off of the skin. Then I take a warm, wet washcloth and remove all the oil (and makeup). It's the most soothing part of my nightly skin routine and I don't think I'll be stopping it anytime soon.

Have you tried Boscia's Cleansing Oil?


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