If You're Ever In Birmingham/1

Today I wanted to introduce a new series to the blog. Just like the title says, the series will be called "If You're Ever in Birmingham." This series highlights places I think you should visit if you ever came to Birmingham. I will include places like restaurants, parks, places to shop, concert venues, and anything in between. 
Up first is the Alabama Theater. Gary and I visited the Alabama Theater just before Christmas. During the Christmas season, they play all sorts of Christmas movies ranging from Elf to Christmas Vacation and during the year, they have concerts and performances. We chose to see Christmas Vacation this season. My family watches the movie every year, but this year, Gary and I decided to go see it at the theater and we were not disappointed. The experience is like nothing else!
After its opening in 1927, the Alabama Theater was home to the Mickey Mouse Club and the Miss Alabama Pageant. The theater includes a Mighty Wurlitzer organ, one of 25 ever made. In 1998, the theater went through a complete restoration and became the theater that is still standing today.

If you're every in Birmingham, be sure to check it out!


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