Weekly Reminder//1

This verse has completely changed my way of thinking. Just like everyone else, I have struggles. Ever since I've been in college, I've had a hard time with being alone. I'm a really social person, but I'm a big listener. I'd rather listen to someone talk all day long than me talk about my thoughts. I absolutely love being around small groups of friends, therefore, I have learned I find it hard to be independent in the sense it's hard for me to enjoy spending time by myself. I've struggled with this for the past few months and finally came to a realization that I'm never alone. God is always with me, walking with me every day. 
I began to understand that God doesn't always show Himself to me if I don't ask Him to. So, lately, I've begun to talk to God as if I'm talking to a friend. I can't tell you how much of a difference this has made in my day-to-day life! It's been a real transformation for me-I now feel like someone is always here, who understands, and who ultimately has all the answers to my questions. Does this mean that all the answers will be revealed to me? Well, no. But what it does mean is that I can find comfort in the fact that who I'm talking to knows what I'm going to say before I say it, who genuinely wants me to talk to Him, and who has a plan specifically designed for me in His hands.



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